2022 MD&M West – Anaheim

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Join us at Booth #1552

Regional Sales Manager Suzzane Lindley and Daniel Villalobos – Exhibiting at the 2022 MD&M Show

Superior Felt & Filtration offers a premier product, Technostat®, which is extremely efficient at filtering sub-micron particles. Technostat® is a needle punch nonwoven textile that is electrostatically charged. The neutral charge gained during manufacturing attracts both negative and positive particulates from the air stream, which results in high capture rates of sub-micron contaminants.

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC, is a subcomponent manufacturer supporting the disposable surgical hood, N95 mask component, BFE/VFE, and ventilator filter markets. Meeting the immediate medical filtration needs of the US government and its partners under the Defense Production Act, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has a global reach, exporting lifesaving filter technology across 6 continents, making Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC the largest sub-component filter manufacturer in the world. As a strategic partner with Hollingsworth and Vose and utilizing Technostat®, a high quality, electrostatic filter media; Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has partnerships with vital companies in the fight against COVID 19, including Honeywell, GM, Ventec, and Philips.