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COVID-19 UPDATE: Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has been designated as an essential business under the US Defense Production Act. You can review our most recent press release here. As a vital subcomponent manufacturer supporting the disposable surgical hood, N95 mask component, BFE/VFE, and ventilator filter markets, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC is meeting the immediate medical filtration needs of the US government and vital customers across 6 continents. In order to keep our employees safe and the flow of product uncompromised, we have implemented strict COVID-19 procedures to ensure safety continuity.

Superior Sewing

Sewing Superior-Style

From beginning to end we can help custom sew your products as you build your own product line.

We can handle any of your sewing needs, regardless of the size, color or industry.

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration today and tell us about your felt or filter media sewing needs.