FIME 2017

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Superior Felt & Filtration is proud to be a new exhibitor at the 2017 FIME Show!

F.I.M.E is the largest medical trade fair across the Americas.


The Florida International Medical Expo – FIME – now in its 27th year is the largest medical trade fair across the Americas.

The exhibition is expected to welcome over 22,000 medical and trade professionals from North, Central and South America. The show features international professionals to do business with 1,500+ national and international companies. They will be showcasing new and refurbished medical and hospital equipment, technology, products, and supplies.

The medical non woven market is rapidly growing and Superior Felt & Filtration is poised to handle this growth by providing multiple non woven and filtration solutions for the medical industry, such as respiratory care, personal protection, CPAP, cosmetic/hygienic, wound care and orthopedic. 

Superior Felt & Filtration offers a premier product, Technostat®, which is extremely efficient at filtering sub-micron particles. Technostat® is a needle punch nonwoven textile that is electrostatically charged. The neutral charge gained during manufacturing attracts both negative and positive particulates from the air stream, which results in high capture rates of sub-micron contaminants.

South East Regional Manager – Matt Cox prepares for the show.