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Author credits: John Bader, Ping Hao Ph.D.

Needle Punch Textiles by Superior Felt & Filtration

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC is a leader in needlepunch textiles manufactured specifically for industrial filtration applications. Our state-of-the-art computer recipe carding and needling capabilities manufacture consistent filtration media across the web for dependable filtration results.

Stocking multiple grades across industry applicable widths, Superior has one of the largest inventories of Polyester, Polypropylene, and high temperature Aramid (Nomex) filtration roll goods in North America.
Industrial applications may include media for pressure vessels for liquid, air/gas, vacuum and coalescing units, vapor condensing, intake filtration, inlet vacuum filters, oil mist elimination and discharge filters. Offerings include bag filter media for all types of filtration housings across oil, gas, wastewater, powder, bulk solids/separation and extraction for food and bio-pharma industries.
Typically, needlepunch media is scrim supported or self-supported. It can also be made for pleated filter elements by proprietary fiber blending and resin bonding. Pleating creates a larger surface area for better efficiency and pressure drop. Pleated configurations can include radial fin elements that are pleated between layers of epoxy coated wire mesh and the end seals are molded with heat set durable plastisol. Other filter elements may include sewn end elements, and panel filters.

Industrial Filtration