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BEST IN CLASS, delivering higher flux and lower pressure FOR HIGH PURITY LIQUID FILTRATION

Superior Felt & Filtration is a preferred global distributor and converter of Trupor®’s Nylon grades. The medical device and pharmaceutical supply chains have relied on H&V for over 20 years to provide state-of-the-art filtration technology. Trupor® is the latest breakthrough in sub-micron filtration.

Trupor Nylon Membrane offers exceptional performance with high flux rate, low-pressure drop, consistent and reliable performance, long filter life, low energy consumption, and compliance with regulations. It is easy to process and convert, and versatile with various pore sizes and forms, suitable for multiple filtration applications from water and food & beverage to chemical processing and semiconductor. These features make Trupor Nylon Membrane a standout product in the filtration/separation industry.

Superior Felt & Filtration has been a proud partner of H&V for over a decade, distributing and fabricating Technostat®, an electrostatic submicron filter media for high-efficiency air applications. The introduction of Trupor® as a submicron liquid filtration membrane expands Superior’s already comprehensive filtration offerings and allows for valuable R&D support in addition to distribution and fabrication. Trupor® is available in roll good form and also as finished membrane filters or subcomponents. For more information please refer to the official Superior Press Release.


Trupor® is a multi-layer gradient density hydrophilic membrane composite, delivering higher flux at lower pressure drop for high purity liquid microfiltration. Click Here for a 2-page product overview.

  • Provides reliable membrane performance
  • Delivers high retention efficiency
  • Long service life at low-pressure drop
  • Highly consistent performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Complies with US FDA (21CFR), USP Class VI, NSF / ANSI 61, EU Plastics Directive 10/2011
  • Easy to process and convert

Overall best in class sub-micron liquid filtration media.


TRUPOR® Nylon Membrane Media for cleaner, safer, and healthier living.

  • Water Filtration: Trupor delivers membrane reliability with superior flow rate, making it a preferred solution for water filtration.
  • Food & Beverage: Trupor high flux rate meets every demand for innovative food and beverage products.
  • Industrial: Naturally hydrophilic with wide chemical compatibility, and good resistance to organic solvents makes Trupor an attractive choice for many industrial applications.
  • Bioprocessing: Trupor®’s consistent membrane performance, combined with high flux rate makes it a trusted choice to meet complex challenges in bioprocessing.


Trupor TPPA-0.20-V2 Product Information Sheet

Trupor TPPA-0.45-V2 Product Information Sheet

Trupor TPPA-0.65-V2 Product Information Sheet

Trupor TPPA-0.80-V2 Product Information Sheet

Trupor TPPA-1.2-V2 Product Information Sheet

Trupor TPPA-5.0-V2 Product Information Sheet


Q: What makes Trupor different from commercial grade membranes?

A: Its unique innovative gradient structure, high void volume, and superior pore size uniformity outperform commercial grade membranes for high throughput and reduced total filtration cost.

Q: What micron grades of Trupor nylon are commercially available?

A: Trupor nylon membrane is available in 0.20 µm, 0.45 µm, 0.65 µm, 0.80 µm, 1.2 µm and 5.0 µm in rolls, coils, sheets and custom fabricated parts.

Q: Is Trupor nylon membrane pleatable?

A: Trupor nylon membrane can be laminated with, or co-pleated, with supporting layers for production of pleated filter cartridges.

Q: Trupor nylon membrane chemical compatibility

A: Trupor is compatible with aggressive solutions such as alcohols, DMSO, and high-PH solutions. Avoid use with acids and protein recovery applications.

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*Superior Felt & Filtration is a Worldwide Partner of Hollingsworth & Vose’s Technostat® line of Tribo Electrostatic filter media. Now featuring Hollingsworth & Vose’s Trupor® line of liquid filtration media.