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Medical Filter Media for CPAP Machines

Filter Media Manufacturers Designing Many of Today’s CPAP Filter Media Solutions

CPAP Filter ManufacturerAs one of the top filter media manufacturers in the U.S. & North America, Superior Felt & Filtration has been a key asset to many industries, particularly the medical industry.

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We design & manufacture medical filter media for many of today’s CPAP machines. We work closely with the CPAP manufacturing sector to identify filter media solutions best suited for application requirements.

Filter media materials for the CPAP market include:

  • CPAP Filter MediaFoam
  • Air-Laid
  • Composite
  • Electrostatic Media

We also supply bacterial filter discs which are typically welded into capsules and used between the masks and tubing of the device.

Typically a device will have a pre-filter or a pollen filter and a high efficiency filter known as an ultra-fine filter. Both filters are used in conjunction and placed in the air inlet of the device.

Superior Felt & Filtration can develop critical medical filter media which protect against allergens, bacteria, viral and other harmful particulates in the air.

Medical Filter Media Manufacturers

As a complete filter media solutions provider we have the capabilities to print company-specific logos and designs on filters, helping distinguish your product from the competition, as well as create brand recognition. Ink used in printing is FDA approved.

We can also provide private label packaging, as well as specific packaging sizes – including color art work and lot coding.



Diffuser Filter

Diffuser Filters are optional accessories that fit into the elbow covers for CPAP masks as they connect to the tubing. Check out our digital  Diffuser Brochure.








Although these are not required for the mask to operate properly, they greatly reduce the decibel level allowing for a more quiet sleep experience and comfort.

Diffuser filters, when used in conjunction with CPAP masks, reduce noise levels, eliminating potential distractions for both you and your sleeping partner.  These diffusers are located at the elbow cover and reduce noise levels over 10 decibels.  They are easily disconnected and washable for simplified cleaning and maintenance.

Diffuser filters work by redirecting and reducing the airflow as it travels through the CPAP tube to the mask at the elbow which is where the airflow can be the noisiest.


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