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Nonwoven Personal Care

 Absorbent Non Woven Fabric with Grade A Fiber Blend for Soft or Abrasive Textures

As a leading nonwoven manufacturer for medical markets, Superior Felt & Filtration also provides absorbent non woven fabric for hygiene textiles.

Nonwoven hygiene products are primarily used in personal and cosmetic applications, such as:

  • Cosmetic Facial Pads
  • Personal Care Wipes
  • Die Cut Parts

    Fingernail Wipes

  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Incontinence Care
  • Patient Bathing

Our nonwoven fabric is also used in textile applications such as:

  • Industrial Wipes
  • Food Prep Wipes
  • Household Wipes
  • Surface Cleaning
  • De-Dusting

Typically, a Grade A Fiber blend is used for non woven absorbency in cosmetic & hygiene products.

To achieve desired non woven absorption, a blend is creating using a certain percentage of viscose fiber and either polyester or polypropylene.

We also offer an intimate blend of special fibers designed for absorbency and other phillic attributes. This blend is excellent for pre-absorbent (juicing) applications and post-consumer applications where absorbency is required as the end application.

Custom nonwovens are typically produced in weights ranging from 70 GSM to 330 GSM (grams per square meter, which indicates the weight of the nonwoven).

If your nonwoven hygiene products or cosmetic products require a specific absorbency or texture Superior Felt & Filtration can engineer custom nonwovens by leveraging a specific blend of denier (fiber diameter).

Depending on the blend, we can produce nonwovens with varying degrees of abrasion or softness.

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration today and tell us how we can assist you with your nonwoven hygiene products!