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Respiratory Filter Media

Technostat® Filter Media Plays Key Role in Removing Dangerous Bacteria & Viruses

Technostat filter media manufacturers for medical respiratory devicesAs one of the top filter media manufacturers in the North America, Superior Felt & Filtration offers a broad range of medical filter media solutions for respiratory device manufacturing, particularly related to:

  • Pulmonary Function
  • Life Support
  • Human Ventilation
  • Spirometry

*Superior Felt & Filtration is one of the largest manufacturers of micron and sub-micron filter media for respirator and medical applications in the U.S.*

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The respiratory filter media we supply is a key component in removing dangerous bacteria & viruses that could otherwise be breathed in by patients.

Technostat® media has performed exceedingly well in medical textiles, such as ventilator filters, spirometry filters, aerosolizers and many other medical-grade pulmonary function media & machines.

Technostat® is a triboelectric media that has unique charged characteristics, which allows filtration of sub-micron particle sizes.

Our respiratory filter media have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements set by the FDA and have proven to be highly efficient at protecting against viruses and bacteria.

Our benchmark testing performed at Nelson Labs resulted in hydrophobic filters providing up to 99.9999% efficiencies against the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Superior Felt & Filtration provides the finished filters in terms of the composite filter which typically contain a charged media with two hydrophobic membranes. These membranes are critical in Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) applications, which are used in many different pieces of respiratory equipment.

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*Superior Felt & Filtration is the exclusive North American distributor and Worldwide partner of Hollingsworth & Vose’s Technostat® line of Tribo Electrostatic filter media.