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Nonwovens for Medical Wound Care

 Nonwoven Manufacturers for Wound Care Solutions in Medical Markets

Nonwovens for Medical Wound CareSuperior Felt & Filtration is among the top nonwoven manufacturers for wound care solutions in medical markets. We provide nonwovens for the manufacturing of surgical wipes, dressings and other wound care medical textiles.

Nonwovens for medical wound care are typically designed for varying levels of fluid absorption. Our skillfully engineered medical nonwovens are available in a variety of weights and fiber blends to meet your specific fluid absorption requirements.

The most common fibers used in nonwovens for medical wound care are polyester, viscose and polypropylene. These nonwovens are produced in weights from 70 GSM and up.

We can produce wound care nonwovens using FDA and/or NSF certified fiber to meet critical government guidelines.

We also have the capabilities to add hydrophilic layers and hydrophobic barriers in conjunction with lamination, ultra-sonics and heat seal bonding.

Superior Felt & Filtration can engineer a custom composite to meet your most immediate needs, including incorporating carbon and or high efficiency breathable layers for added benefits.

As a leader among nonwoven manufacturers, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom nonwovens for a wide variety of medical textiles.

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