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non woven textiles manufacturing at MTI Career Expo

Mchenry Career Expo

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Non Woven Manufacturers Educate Students at MTI Career Expo

Although Superior Felt and Filtration is among the top non woven manufacturers in the world, we still make time to give back to our local community.

On Thursday, September 22, John Bader (Midwest Regional Sales Manager) & Mike Moran (Purchasing Manager) of Superior Felt and Filtration participated in the MTI Career Expo, held at the McHenry, Illinois High School.

John and Mike introduced students to the fascinating industry of non wovens, educating & enlightening them about a variety of common (and uncommon!) felt uses. John and Mike talked about how felt is used in medical, automotive, safety and various other industries.

They also discussed some of the exciting career opportunities that are available in the non woven industry.

What a great evening! Thank you to all of the students, parents, and business partners that stopped by the Superior table.

Non Woven Manufacturers Educate Students at MTI Career Expo