Air & Liquid Filtration Media

Filtration Solutions for Diverse Products and Industries

Filtration, simply defined, is the act or process of removing something unwanted from a liquid or gas by use of a filter. More specifically, air filtration is defined as the process of removing dust or unwanted solid particles from the air by use of a fibrous filter material.

Superior Felt & Filtration provides the filtration industry with a number of liquid and air filtration media materials that are used in a broad range of filtration markets. These markets have products that range from larger particulate filtration felt such as dust bags, HVAC filter media, HEPA filter media, and pollen filters to smaller, sub-micron filtration applications like medical device filters such as CPAP machine filters and respiratory filters.

From manufacturing to distribution, Superior provides diverse filtration solutions for the nonwoven textile industry. This product range is available to our customers in less than full roll to large container load quantities.

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