Air & Liquid Filter Media Solutions

Superior Felt & Filtration provides the filtration industry with many materials which are used in a broad range of liquid and air filtration markets. We carry all types of liquid and air filter media from larger particulate filtration felt used in dust bags, HVAC filter media, HEPA filter media, and pollen filters down to smaller, sub-micron medical device filters used in CPAP machine filters and respiratory filters.

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Contract Manufacturing

SF&F is a comprehensive domestic solution provider, specializing in air filter media and liquid filter media for various medical applications, roll goods and finished parts. Superior Felt & Filtration offers onshore solutions for medical and other industries. Providing a comprehensive range of services, including product ideation, plastic injection molding, inline pleating, and assembly of finished goods with capabilities in adhesive coating, slitting, die cutting, ultrasonic lamination, pleating, lamination, private labeling, and 3D printing.

Depending upon the filtration application, different requirements have to be fulfilled. A number of standards exist for the development of filters as well as air and liquid filter media for different applications. Sometimes it is necessary to combine different filtration media to best fit the application’s requirements. As well as describing the standards, the structural design of the filters and their manufacturing technologies are discussed. Some technological priorities that have arisen due to the introduction of stringent environmental regulations are discussed and future trends are documented.

We primarily stock Polyester with plain and singe finishes, and Polypropylene with plain and glazed finishes. Ask about any of our value-added converting services like slitting & die cutting.

Superior is able to manufacture a custom fiber blend and denier to meet your most critical filtration needs.

Advantages of Liquid & Air Filter Media:

  • Removal of wide range contaminants from water
  • Chemical Resistance
  • High air permeability

Superior Felt & Filtration manufactures liquid filter media in roll goods, specifically for the micron liquid bag market. We have immediate shipping for 1 to 200 micron roll goods.

Superior Style NumberMicron RatingWeight
(oz/sq yard)
Air Perm
1-0011 Micron15.50.089″35 (25 – 50)
1-0055 Micron11.10.073″90 (50 – 130)
1-01010 Micron100.079″120 (80 – 160)
1-02525 Micron100.086″170 (130 – 210)
1-05050 Micron100.084″220 (170 – 270)
1-100100 Micron11.10.098″270 (220 – 320)
1-200200 Micron11.40.120″385 (270 – 500)
Polyester styles are available with a plain or singed finish and are stocked in widths of 20″, 23″ and 72″ wide.
4-0011 Micron140.105″35 (20 – 50)
4-0055 Micron110.072″60 (40 – 80)
4-01010 Micron100.080″90 (60 – 120)
4-02525 Micron10.50.077″145 (110 – 180)
4-05050 Micron10.50.087″220 (160 – 280)
4-100100 Micron10.50.096″275 (200 – 350)
4-200200 Micron12.00.150″450 (300 – 600)
Polypropylene styles are available with a plain or glazed finish and are stocked in widths of 20″, 23″ and 72″ wide.

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration and tell us about your micron filter media needs; we’ll respond shortly!


BEST IN CLASS, delivering higher flux and lower pressure FOR HIGH PURITY LIQUID FILTRATION
  • Meets and exceeds the performance of microporous cast membranes
  • Delivers higher flux and lower pressure
  • Processes well
  • Similar economics to current commercial grades
  • Complies with US FDA (21CFR), USP Class VI, NSF / ANSI 61, EU Plastics Directive 10/2011
  • Suitable for Pharma/Bio, Water, Food & Beverage, Fermentation, Chemical Processing, Semiconductor, Electronics, Clarification, etc.
  • Overall best in class media

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration and tell us about your micron filter media needs; we’ll respond shortly!

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