HVAC Air Filter Media

HVAC Air Filter Media

MERV Rated HVAC Filter Media

HVAC Filters1  With the New ASHRAE 52.2 standards HVAC filter media is measured more critically. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a rating system that takes the minimum efficiency of the filter on a range of particle sizes. Testing is done on the clean filter once and then after the addition of standard synthetic ASHRAE dust loadings for five additional measurement cycles.

Our HVAC filter media material options are ideal for mid to high MERV rated applications. With incredibly low pressure drop, high efficiency and pleat-able (self-supporting) characteristics, these products can be utilized for MERV 8-16 applications. With applicable flow rates, our experts can determine how many pleats and square footage of media is required for any size filter. The electrostatic filtration options offer protection to allergy sufferers and antimicrobial options are available as well.

HVAC Air Filter Media Options for the HVAC Industry:

  • Electrostatically Charged Media
  • Melt Blown Media
  • Air-laid Bonded Media
  • Spun Bond Media

Let our experts guide you in determining the ideal pleats and square footage for your filters. For tailored recommendations, contact us today. Elevate your HVAC filter media filtration with Superior Felt & Filtration’s electrostatically charged, melt-blown, air-laid bonded, and spun-bond media options.