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Nonwoven Synthetic Fabric for Personal Protection Filters

Nonwoven Synthetic Filter Media for Safety & Personal Protection Textiles

Nonwoven Synthetic Fabric Safety Textiles ManufacturingSuperior Felt & Filtration manufactures and supplies a wide array of nonwoven synthetic fabric for the manufacturing of safety & personal protection filters. We also provide Aramid nonwovens and other synthetic needle punch fibers, which are used in the lining of fire protection garments. Superior Felt & Filtration is among the top nonwoven synthetic filter media suppliers for medical and emergency response textiles, such as respirators and masks. In fact, we are one of the largest manufacturers of micron and sub-micron filter media for respirator and medical applications in the U.S. Superior can custom cut to any size.

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Corona Virus Particle Filtration

The new virus dubbed “The Corona Virus” is actually called 2019-nCoV. This new virus is part of the Coronaviruses group that can cause a range of symptoms including a runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever. Some are mild, such as the common cold, while others are more likely to lead to pneumonia.

The CDC has been recommending N95 masks that are 95% efficient against 0.3 micron particles for protection in the early stages of understanding this new virus. These masks will filter out most bacterial particles, but not all viral particles, effectively. Although the new coronavirus particle size is not known currently, we can assume it is similar to other coronaviruses, like SARS which is 0.1 microns in diameter.

Superior Felt and Filtration offers a broad range of nonwovens that can be utilized in masks, air purifiers, medical equipment, personal safety apparel and clean rooms that are highly efficient against 0.1 micron particles. Our electrostatically charged high alpha perm metl blown and needle-punch Technostat® products can be easily molded into masks, pleated and die cut to offer protection over 99.9% against 0.1 micron particles which are considered to be the most penetrating particle sizes (MPPS).

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Technostat® – Revolution in Nonwoven Synthetic Filter Media

The revolutionary electrostatic filter media, Technostat®, offers low air flow resistance for more breathable masks or devices that help reduce fatigue & improve comfort levels. Technostat® can also be utilized with breathable laminates, activated carbon and other materials for combined dust and gas filtration. For these reasons, Technostat® is the preferred nonwoven synthetic filter media for respiratory applications. In addition to Technostat® filter media, we also offer Technostat® Plus – a triboelectric media of needle-punched felt that offers 20% improvement in filtration efficiency over standard electrostatic filter media. This nonwoven synthetic fabric produces its triboelectric properties when 2 dissimilar fibers used during the manufacturing process create a charge that enhances filtration capabilities.

Electrostatic Filter Media Rolls & Melt Blown Fibers

Superior Felt & Filtration also provides electrostatic filter media rolls (electrostatically-charged synthetic needle punch fibers) and melt blown fibers. These nonwoven synthetic fabrics aid in producing some of the highest levels of filtration for health care providers and emergency responders.

Filter Media Solutions Meet the Most Stringent Industry Standards

As industry leading filtration media suppliers, we can help your company pass some of the most stringent international respirator standards. From NIOSH to the European EN143 and EN149 standards, we can provide filter media solutions that perform above and beyond the requirements.

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