aramid fiber

Aramid Fiber

High Temp Felt Engineered Specifically to Your Application Requirements

For those applications requiring high temp felt, Superior Felt & Filtration supplies synthetic aramid fibers, including meta aramid, para aramid and oxidized PAN (Panox).

Aramid fibers can be engineered specifically to meet your application requirements.

Meta Aramid Nonwovens

As leading aramid fiber suppliers, we can provide meta aramid nonwovens made with both Dupont™ Nomex® and generic meta aramid fibers, depending on your application. Meta aramid fibers are inherently flame-resistant and will not melt or drip.

Meta aramid nonwovens are used in many different applications including:

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Automotive Heat Shields
  • Appliance Insulation
  • High Temperature Gaskets
  • Aerospace Application

Superior Felt & Filtration stocks many different weights and thicknesses of meta aramid nonwovens from 3oz up to 50oz per square yard for your just-in-time needs or low volume project.

Para Aramid Nonwovens

A common para aramid is Dupont™ Kevlar® which exhibits the same temperature resistance as Nomex® but has greater strength and durability.

Commonly used in protective clothing and gear, para aramid fibers are lightweight, flame resistant, cut-resistant, durable and strong.

Common industry applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Military and Law Enforcement Protection
  • Industrial Personal Protection
  • Industrial Belts

Superior Felt & Filtration can help you develop your high temperature product and provide a stocking program for your just-in-time shipments.

Oxidized PAN Nonwovens (Panox)

Polyacrylonitrile fibers also known as PAN or Panox have a very high temperature resistance. Oxidized and thermally stable, Panox has excellent chemical resistance and very good insulating properties.

Common uses include:

  • Electrical Insulation
  • High Temperature Gaskets
  • Thermal and Acoustical Insulation
  • Welding Blankets
  • High Temperature Filters
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