BFE/VFE Filter

BFE/VFE Filters Engineered to Ensure your Safety

Technostat® is a tribo-electret media and has unique charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub micron particle sizes. Our filters have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements set by the FDA and have proven to be highly efficient in terms of protection against Viruses and Bacteria. Our benchmark testing done at Nelson Labs has resulted in hydrophobic filters obtaining up to 99.9999% efficiencies against the transmission of these harmful bacteria and viruses.

Featuring one of the largest inventories of raw materials and 24/7 capacity, coupled with decades of experience, Superior Felt & Filtration offers a broad range of options when it comes to medical grade filtration. Medical filters demand some of the highest levels of filtration since they are at many times used in pulmonary function or more specifically in life support and human ventilation machines. Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has partnerships with vital companies in the fight against COVID-19, including Honeywell, GM, Ventec and Philips.

Markets Served

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC will solve your filtration requirements by utilizing our fully integrated vertical services.

We are an ISO13485:2016 and FDA-registered site and are a full contract manufacturer of medical device filters.

Whether you require filtration in the form of HME, HMEF, BV, and HEPA filters, or if you have an entirely new type of filtration device, our experts are here to assist.

Our medical device filters are commonly used in the following applications:

sed in the following applications:

  • Ventilator Filters
  • Anesthesiology
  • Pulmonary Function / Spirometry
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiopulmonary Stress Testers
  • Resuscitation
  • Diagnostics

Other Markets

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC is committed to continuous expansion and capacity to lead the world and its vital partners forward in the fight for health and safety.

Contact Superior Felt and Filtration now for your BFE and VFE filter needs.

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