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Synthetic Polyester Felt

Polyester Felt Manufacturers Offer Wide Range of Nonwoven Characteristics to Suit Your Application

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As an industry leading polyester felt manufacturer, Superior Felt & Filtration offers nonwovens (made from polyester fiber) with a wide range of characteristics.

In addition to a wide range of denier sizes (1.5 to 25), we also offer fire retardant PET, low melt, high melt and a medical grade polyester fabric. Our nonwoven polyester fabric can be singed, glazed and made to 160” wide.

Polyester has a wide range of industrial applications including: furniture padding, air and liquid filtration, fluid retention, CIPP (cured-in-place pipe), pen tips, structural boards, clothing and crafts.

Superior Felt and Filtration also offers a full line of decorative and colored polyester felt.

Benefits of Polyester Felt:

  • Less expensive to wool felts
  • Superior in dry heat applications
  • Good resistance to most mineral and organic acids
  • Excellent resistance to mildew and aging
  • Excellent for dirt collection
  • Higher heat tolerance to polypropylene
  • Excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agents
  • Good resistance to wearing and sunlight

Crating Felt Coils for the Exhibit and Display Industry

Protective Packaging Felt Coils: Our 100% white Polyester felt coils with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) are specifically designed to peel and stick to a variety of surfaces for protection, safety and padding.

These felt coils are used extensively in the exhibit/display industry to line the inside of shipping crates, protecting the contents inside.

Our Superior Crating Coils come in multiple widths and thickness styles for every problem solving solution.

All of our crating felt is available with or without adhesive (PSA). Just peel off the protective paper backing and then apply with pressure (PSA version). It’s that easy!

Other widths and colors available upon request.

Non Woven Polyester Felt Manufacturers

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