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COVID-19 UPDATE: Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has been designated as an essential business under the US Defense Production Act. You can review our most recent press release here. As a vital subcomponent manufacturer supporting the disposable surgical hood, N95 mask component, BFE/VFE, and ventilator filter markets, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC is meeting the immediate medical filtration needs of the US government and vital customers across 6 continents. In order to keep our employees safe and the flow of product uncompromised, we have implemented strict COVID-19 procedures to ensure safety continuity.

Specialty Fibers & Materials

Nonwoven Manufacturer Creates Specialty Fibers & Specialty Fiber Nonwoven Products for Distinct Application Requirements

Superior Felt & Filtration has the capability to produce, procure, distribute & fabricate many products made of specialty fibers and materials, including:

  • Spunlace Fabrics
  • Spunbond Fabrics (Point Bond & Flat Bond)
  • Thermal Bonded / Air Laid / Resin Bonded Fabric
  • Carbon (Pre-Oxidized) Fibers
  • Woven Synthetic Fibers
  • Open & Closed Cell Foam
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS fiber)  – For very high temperature applications
  • Nylon – For textiles that require stretch

Superior Felt & Filtration also creates specialty fiber carpets for automotive & marine applications, as well as nonwoven fabrics that are made specifically for printing.

As industries evolve, so too should the fibers used in products.

For example, Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) has become a very important fiber in the hot gas filtration industry due to its resistance to heat, alkalinity and abrasion. Even though it costs much more than the polyester it replaced, the value added to the end-user is substantially more performance & service life.

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration today & tell us what specialty fibers your application requires; we’ll respond shortly!

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