Wool Felt Sheets

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As an industry leader among global sheet felt suppliers, we offer multiple densities and thicknesses, as well as varying degrees of hardness to serve your specific sheet felt application requirements.

General Information

Wool felt sheets consist of highly dense pressed felt. They’re manufactured from high quality natural wool fibers. These fibers are mechanically pressed using heat, moisture and pressure to achieve a specific wool content, density and thickness.

Most industrial felt goods come in roll form; however, due to its rigidity, sheet felt is typically sold in 36” x 36” square sheets.


SFF Part#Density (lbs)ThicknessSheet Size
20S1012520.125″36″ x 36″
20S1025020.250″36″ x 36″
20S1037520.375″36″ x 36″
20S2050020.500″36″ x 36″
20S2075022.750″36″ x 36″
26S1012526.125″36″ x 36″
26S1018726.187″36″ x 36″
26S1025026.250″36″ x 36″
26S1037526.375″36″ x 36″
26S1050026.500″36″ x 36″
26S1100026   1″36″ x 36″
26S2100026   1″40″ x 40″
32S1012532.125″36″ x 36″
32S1025032.250″36″ x 36″
32S1037532.375″36″ x 36″


Wool felt sheets are typically used in technical applications, such as industrial & medical applications where maximum durability and heavy-duty shock absorption is required.

Some specific applications include:

  • Hard Washers
  • Print Rolls
  • Pen Nibs
  • Ink Dams
  • Polishing Heads
  • Casters
  • Bumpers
  • Oil Seals
  • Spacer Pads
  • Pneumatic Tube Heads
  • Strip Wicks
  • Drum Pads
  • Stamp Pads
  • Saddles
  • Vibration Mounts

Our entire inventory of wool sheet felt and can be complimented with value-added converting like adhesive coating, slitting and die cutting.

Contact Superior Felt & Filtration today to tell us about your application requirements or upload your file to get a quote.

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