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General Information

Woven felt is made using Wool fiber and yarn, which is woven into a cloth & then felted using steam and pressure to make the fibers interlock to create a very strong product.

Woven wool felt is often chosen for industrial applications because it typically wears less than other felts.

It’s a more durable alternative to the wool pressed or needled wool/synthetic variations. Woven wool felt is a great choice when you’re looking for a very strong option with the added flexibility of a regular felt.


SFF Part#ColorThicknessWidth
WOVWHT062White    .062″   60″
WOVWHT125White    .125″   60″
WOVWHT187White    .187″   60″
WOVWHT250White    .250″   60″
WOVBLK062Black    .062″   60″
WOVBLK125Black    .125″   60″

Woven wool felt is available in black and off-white.

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