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General Information

Woven felt is made using Wool fiber and yarn, which is woven into a cloth & then felted using steam and pressure to make the fibers interlock to create a very strong product.

Woven wool felt is often chosen for industrial applications because it typically wears less than other felts.

It’s a more durable alternative to the wool pressed or needled wool/synthetic variations. Woven wool felt is a great choice when you’re looking for a very strong option with the added flexibility of a regular felt.


SFF Part# Color Thickness Width
WOVWHT062 White     .062″    60″
WOVWHT125 White     .125″    60″
WOVWHT187 White     .187″    60″
WOVWHT250 White     .250″    60″
WOVBLK062 Black     .062″    60″
WOVBLK125 Black     .125″    60″

Woven wool felt is available in black and off-white.

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