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Superior Turns 15!

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Leading Non Woven Manufacturer with a ‘Superior’ Growth Story

October 2001: With over 70 years of combined experience in the Felt & Filtration non woven industry Frank Porto, Tom Leineberg and Joe Leineberg form Superior Felt & Filtration.

Centering on exceptional quality and customer support, Superior’s entry into the market produces rapid growth. Recognition of Superior as a non woven manufacturer begins to spread.

April 2003: Superior acquires its largest competitor Hollinee Felt with the passion and resolution to become the largest Industrial Felt supplier in North America.

June 2005: Superior expands its national platform with the addition of a new East Coast office located in Boston, MA.

2007: Superior further strengthens its abilities by becoming officially certified as an ISO 9001 organization.

2014: Superior continues its rapid growth with the addition of a new state-of-the-art facility located in McHenry, IL, and a new South East office located in Spartanburg PA.

2015: Superior expands their Illinois location by 70,000 square feet & creates the largest inventory of nonwovens in North America.

Superior’s Corporate Headquarters located in McHenry, IL

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