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COVID-19 UPDATE: Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has been designated as an essential business under the US Defense Production Act. You can review our most recent press release here. As a vital subcomponent manufacturer supporting the disposable surgical hood, N95 mask component, BFE/VFE, and ventilator filter markets, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC is meeting the immediate medical filtration needs of the US government and vital customers across 6 continents. In order to keep our employees safe and the flow of product uncompromised, we have implemented strict COVID-19 procedures to ensure safety continuity.

2019 Techtextil Raleigh!

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North America’s only dedicated show for technical textiles and nonwovens

Exclusive distributor and converter of Technostat® filtration media in North America.

Superior Felt & Filtration offers a premier product, Technostat®, which is extremely efficient at filtering sub-micron particles. Technostat® is a needle punch nonwoven textile that is electrostatically charged. The neutral charge gained during manufacturing attracts both negative and positive particulates from the air stream, which results in high capture rates of sub-micron contaminants.

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In addition to our standard Technostat® product line, we offer a new generation charged media, Technostat® Plus. Among high-efficiency air filtration media, Technostat® Plus leads the way. It achieves aerosol penetration levels as much as 40% lower than standard Technostat® grades at the same basis weight.

Join us at the 2019 Techtextil Show


Regional Sales Manager – Larry Peter at the 2019 techtextile show.

Superior is a leading nonwoven supplier in North America. We provide a diverse range of nonwoven textiles, including industrial felt fabric, medical nonwovens, synthetic felt and decorative felt. With our dedication to customer service and value added services, we pride ourselves as being one of the premiere nonwoven manufacturers.